About Gosnells Community Legal Centre

Gosnells Legal Centre is one of over 200 Community Legal Centres in Australia that form the National Association of Community Legal Centres. Our mission and our work practices are based on the belief in the principles of human rights and social justice. We are a not-for-profit, non-government community-based organisation. The GCLC promote basic human rights, including housing, income, equality, freedom, and dignity, by a variety of support services to resolve legal, economic, or social issues.

All GCLC staff offer confidential, non-judgemental information, and advice. Assistance we provide is targeted at lower income earners. GCLC strives to deliver a service which values respect, integrity, communication, collaboration, and continuing education.

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Together we achieve justice.


Promoting social justice and equity through the provision of a range of services which supports and empowers people to resolve their legal, social, and economic issues.


  • Social justice – fairness amongst all members of community
  • Equity - equitable distribution of legal, social, and economic resources
  • Participation – Empowering the community to participate in the circumstances and decisions that affect their lives.
  • Advocacy - empowering members of the community with their rights
  • Care - commitment to delivering a professional caring and compassionate service.
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Proudly funded by:

The National Partnership Agreement for legal services (NPA), administered by Department of Justice, from:

  • The Commonwealth Community Legal Services Program; and
  • The Western Australian government.
  • The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
  • LotteryWest
  • The Department of Communities
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Government of Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (GCLC).
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A group of people from GCLC posing for a photo in front of a tree.

Meet the GCLC Team:

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Principal Solicitor


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Finance Admin


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Financial Counsellor


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Legal Admin


A woman with blonde hair sitting on a blue bench.
Family Lawyer


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Family Lawyer


A woman in a black suit with glasses and pearls showcasing her important GCLC expertise.
Family Lawyer


A woman in a pink vest standing in front of steps at GCLC.
Mediation Assistant


About a woman wearing a black blazer.
Tenant Advocate


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Family Lawyer


A smiling man in a black shirt sitting on a GCLC bench.
Energy Coach


A GCLC, in a suit and tie.
Tenant Lawyer


Outreach Worker


A man wearing a white sweater and blue shirt about.
Senior Lawyer


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Project Officer


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Client Liaison Officer


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Financial Counsellor


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Admin Assistant


A GCLC man in a gray suit and orange tie.
Family Lawyer


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Energy Coach


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Administration Assistant


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Senior Lawyer


Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The strategic plan 2021-22 for GCLC, a community legal centre.

DAIP 2022

About the GCLC Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020


The GCLC (Gosnell Community Legal Centre) constitution.

Client Services Charter

GCLC Client services charter.

Cultural Safety Plan

The cover of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety Plan 2020 features the GCLC.

Privacy Policy

The GCLC privacy policy cover.

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