Child support

GCLC child support lawyers can supply free advice, support, and ongoing case work to low-income earners, regarding child support issues. Under the law, both parents have a financial obligation to support their children in terms of their capacity. During consultation, each parent will be advised on how these financial obligations will be met.

To determine your eligibility for child support payments, click here.

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Child support services supplied at GCLC include but not limited to:

  • Assisting in applying for child support payments.
  • Proving parentage through paternity testing.
  • Applying for a change of child support assessment.
  • Objecting to child support decisions.
  • Adult child maintenance (if eligible)
  • Advice or negotiation to collect and recover owed child support.
  • Provide advice on appeals to administrative appeals tribunal (AAT) on child support matter.
  • Referring you to appropriate services when the nature of the enquiry is outside of GCLC’s scope.

Did you know?

In rare circumstances GCLC can represent clients in court. Assistance is offered based on resources, GCLC aims to empower clients in their legal matters and to self-represent. In rare circumstances GCLC can represent clients.

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