Family law

GCLC strives to deliver free of charge, supportive accessible family law services for low-income earners of the South-East metropolitan area.

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Family law services which GCLC offer include but isn’t limited to:  

Parenting and property

  • Advice about property settlement
  • Advice about parenting arrangements after separation such as the time the children spend with each parent, schooling, healthcare, extra-curricular activities, travel, school holidays, special occasions etc.
  • Negotiating on your behalf in your family law issues   
  • Drafting consent orders
  • Making applications to the family court for parenting and property matters
  • What to do where you have concerns about the safety or wellbeing of your child
  • What to do where you need to stop your ex-partner from selling relationship assets
  • Assistance in passport and travel applications 
  • Applications to enforce court orders
  • Child location and recovery orders 


  • Advice and information regarding divorce 
  • Assistance in divorce applications  


  • Applications to obtain violence restraining orders 
  • Advice on family violence 
  • Referring clients to services to support family violence  
  • Preparing conduct agreement orders.  

Did you know?

GCLC services are free of charge. Clients will need to cover court fees (if applicable).

Assistance is offered based on resources, unfortunately GCLC is unable to assist in complex ongoing litigation or trial preparation.

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