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Gosnells Community Legal Centre Inc. is dedicated to promoting social justice and equity by the provision of a range of services which support and empower people to resolve their legal, social and economic issues.



What do you charge?

Gosnells Community Legal Centre provides legal advice, referral and information services to low income or other disadvantaged people who cannot afford to pay a private solicitor.   Most of these services are free.  Mediation Services and the Victim Compensation Program have some charges attached to them.  These charges vary depending on individual circumstances and are fully explained prior to providing assistance. We accept donations and donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Can I email you for help?

We do not provide assistance via email.  Please contact the Centre for assistance.

I only have one question, can I ring you?

We are unable to answer any legal questions by phone.  Please contact the Centre to make an appointment or to receive suitable referral suggestions if we are not able to assist you.

Will you represent me in court?

Apart from our Domestic Violence Legal Service for victims, we generally do not have capacity to provide Court Representation.  We may be able to give you information about the court process and what to expect if you are going to court.

Can you give me a second opinion?

If you have a current client agreement with a lawyer, we will not be able to provide advice to you or to give a second opinion.  If you are unhappy with your lawyer and feel that the service you are receiving is unfair you may be able to lodge a complaint through the Legal Practice Board.

Why can’t you see me – just because you helped my ex-partner?

It is against the law for us to assist anyone if we have previously or are currently helping another person who may be involved in the same issue.  If this is the case you will be told that there is a “conflict of interest”.  It does not mean that we don’t want to help you; it means that we cannot help you for professional reasons.  We may be able to suggest another legal service for you to contact.

Can you sign documents for me?

Unless you are a client at our Centre, we are unable to sign documents or send faxes for you.  This is because we would not be familiar with your legal matter and it would be irresponsible for our Centre to be viewed as assisting in a matter to which we have not provided legal advice.

We can provide details of a Justice of the Peace if you need documents to be witnessed.

Why aren’t you open longer hours?

Gosnells Community Legal Centre receives funding to deliver services to the local community.  This funding does not cover the demand for services and the Centre cannot open for longer hours based on the current funding levels.

How long do I have to wait to see you?

We make appointments no more than 3 weeks in advance.  If your matter is urgent and we do not have an appointment available, we will try to provide you with other referral options so you can receive help at a different legal service.

Do I need to live in Gosnells to get help?

Some of our services are also available for people who live outside Gosnells.  Different services have different funding contracts and the geographic areas they cover vary slightly.  If you live close to Gosnells, you are welcome to phone the Centre and see if we can assist you here, or provide you with other referral suggestions.