Financial Counselling

Financial counselling is an independent, free of charge service aiming to aid people in financial hardship by providing information, advice, and advocacy. Financial counsellors help clients to understand and analyse possible options to navigate themselves to improving their financial circumstances.

Financial counselling services caters for a range of needs whether its advice on budgeting or negotiating with financial institutions on your behalf.

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GCLC’s free and confidential financial counselling service can assist clients in managing their finances by:

  • Assisting in developing a realistic household budget.
  • Providing resources and information to help you better manage your finances.
  • Exploring options and facilitating a comprehensive plan to keep up with your bills.
  • Liaising with financial institutions and debt collectors on your behalf to achieve manageable and amicable agreements for your debts. These include but are not limited to: mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, buy now pay later, pay day lenders, vehicle loans, rent to buy contracts, council rates, utilities and telcos.
  • Enrolling you on to the Work and Development Permit Scheme to help you pay off court fines.
  • Obtaining your credit report and discussing information on your credit report.
  • Providing information and assistance with bankruptcy and limited information on Part IX debt agreements (please note that we do not facilitate Part IX debt agreements but can give you independent information on these).
  • Assessing the options of withdrawing Superannuation on hardship and compassionate grounds.
  • Applying for the WA No interest loan scheme and NILS4CARS scheme.
  • Providing limited assistance with scams and mistaken internet banking transactions.
  • Referring you to appropriate services when the nature of the enquiry is outside of the financial counselling scope.

Help us, help you!

Take advantage of your free financial counselling appointment and come prepared. Fill out this spreadsheet in advance to maximise how we can help you. Please send to

Did you know?

Advice is free of charge with no ongoing costs.

We do not give legal or investment advice.

We do not provide emergency relief or food vouchers but can provide referrals.

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