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Gosnells Community Legal Centre Inc. is dedicated to promoting social justice and equity by the provision of a range of services which support and empower people to resolve their legal, social and economic issues.
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Get Help

To make an appointment with a lawyer or advocate at the Centre, please phone us during our opening hours.  Tuesday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm or 1.30pm to 3.30pm. We will either make you an appointment, or provide you with a referral if we are not able to assist.

If you prefer, you are welcome to call into the Centre and make an appointment with our reception staff.

When requesting an appointment we need to check for “conflict of interest”.  This is a legal requirement and it is to ensure that we have not previously assisted the other party to your legal issue or that we have not assisted anyone who has listed you as the “other party” in a previous legal matter.

If we are unable to provide any assistance to a person that contacts us due to lack of available appointment times, a “conflict of interest” (we have assisted the other party) or it is an area of law we don’t help with; then we may be able to suggest a suitable referral.

The Centre also provides a Crisis Assistance Service. This service is no longer a walk in service and is pre-booked by appointment. This service provides initial assistance.  Not all people requesting assistance are able to be seen immediately and, where the number of people seeking help exceeds the number of appointments available, we will try to provide other options or ask that you recontact at a later date.

What to bring to your appointment:  When you have booked your appointment, please bring any paperwork, documents or details relating to your matter.  This will help ensure that you receive advice at the time of your appointment.  Without the necessary paperwork, we may need to reschedule your appointment.  Your appointment will be for advice only.  If further assistance is to be provided, you will be told at your appointment and a follow-up appointment may be arranged.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we need you to contact the Centre as soon as possible.  Due to the high demand for assistance, we may not be able to reschedule your appointment.