GCLC mediation services provides clients with the opportunity to mediate with relative parties in an issue and work towards a mutual agreement which is both fair and attempts to benefit all parties.  Mediators are independent and neutral, their involvement in mediating aid to keep discussion on track and find common ground amongst all parties.

Mediation is voluntary and grants each party an opportunity to be heard in a respectful and safe environment. Monetarily, the process of mediation is extremely beneficial as a resolution can be met before taking matters to trial. In some cases, attempting mediation is a requirement before going to trial. 

GCLC mediators can assist with matters regarding:

  • Parenting Plans
  • Property settlements and
  • Neighbourhood disputes

If all parties involved are willing to undertake mediation, all involved are individually interviewed to determine their situation, needs, and wants. During this consultation, advocates will outline the process, answer questions, and provide information to prepare individuals for mediation.

A woman sitting at a desk, possibly experiencing domestic violence, while talking on the phone.

Did you know

  • Regarding Parental matters, attempting family dispute resolution is required before taking matters to court. GCLC mediators are FDR Practitioners who may issue FDR Certificates, allowing parents to go to Court if a resolution is not met.
  • Neighbourhood mediation is voluntary.
  • Even though fees apply for mediation services, our services are heavily subsidised. As a result, our services are extremely low-cost relative to other mediation services. See our FEE SCHEDULE 

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