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Gosnells Community Legal Centre Inc. is dedicated to promoting social justice and equity by the provision of a range of services which support and empower people to resolve their legal, social and economic issues.



What is Mediation?
Mediation allows parties to talk about their problems to work towards an agreement.  Mediators are independent and neutral, they help parties keep their discussion on track and find common ground. This helps the parties work things out.

Such issues may include:

  • parenting;
  • family property; or
  • neighbour disputes (e.g. fencing, trees, noise and harassment).

If both parties want to proceed, they are individually interviewed to determine their needs. During this time our mediators will outline the process, answer any questions, and provide information to prepare.

Mediation is a Family Court requirement in parenting matters
Parents must attempt Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) before going to Court for Parenting Orders. We employ registered FDR Practitioners who may issue FDR Certificates, allowing parents to go to Court if they can’t agree.

Neighbourhood Mediation
Neighbourhood mediation is voluntary, therefore people may leave if they are not going to reach a good outcome. There is no lock in, but it can help provide a good place to talk it out.

Finally, fees may apply for this service so please contact us on 9398 1455 to find out more.

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