Our Pro Bono Partners

At Gosnells Community Legal, we are privileged to have the support of amazing pro bono solicitors who are experts in their field, and managers and seniors in their own firms. These lawyers provide free support for our clients through our Evening Legal service, and walk-in clinics.

A woman in a black jacket and white shirt volunteering her pro bono services.

Catherine Cousins Cousins Family Law

A woman in a black suit and red shirt actively engages in pro bono work and collaborates with partners.
Family Law

Jeanette Pedulla Pedulla and Associates

A professional Asian man wearing glasses and a suit, partnering with various organizations to provide pro bono services.
Civil Law

Joshua Lee JAC Associates

A woman in a white blazer sitting on a couch, representing pro bono partnerships.
Family Law

Celeste Saxon Saxon Legal

An image of a square with a mountain on it.
Family Law

San Karavita Elite Family Law