Small Business Financial Counselling

Small business financial counselling is a free of charge service aiming to aid businesses in financial hardship by providing information, advice, and advocacy.

GCLC offers a non-judgemental, friendly approach to the client’s needs. Advocates, first and foremostly, are present to lend an ear and hear the client’s issues. From this initial consultation, possible avenues are explored to navigate small businesses out of possible financial struggle.

Two young men are walking down a walkway discussing financial counselling for their small business.

Operating a business is no easy feat, our financial advocates can assist small businesses in managing their finances by:

  • Clarifying businesses financial situations.
  • Providing specialist information and resources to support business finances.
  • Investigate and develop possible avenues to manage debts and finances owing to creditors.
  • Liaising with financial institutions on your behalf to achieve a manageable and amicable agreement. This includes negotiating payment arrangements with creditors and possible short-term payment hold for recoverable positions.
  • Referring business to appropriate services when the nature of the enquiry is out of GCLC financial counselling scope.
  • Providing information regarding insolvency.
  • Providing business with the knowledge of their rights.

Did you know?

Advice is free of charge with no ongoing costs.

We do not give legal or investment advice.

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