Knowing and understanding the Tenancy laws and your rights as a tenant is crucial for all WA renters. GCLC Tenancy Advocates provide information and advice on tenancy issues to clients who live in the South-east Metropolitan area free of charge.  Assistance can be provided to both private and public tenants, of which includes, information, advice, ongoing casework, and representation at Department of Housing appeals.

Tenant advocates can advise tenants of their options and, on your behalf, negotiate directly with owners, real estate agents, community housing representatives or The Department of Housing to resolve your tenancy issues.

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GCLC Tenancy advocates can assist both Department of Housing and private rental tenants with:

  • Issues of rent and bond with landlords or the department of housing.
  • Resolution of possible breach of agreements.
  • Negotiating the ending of a tenancy.
  • Bond dispute resolution.
  • Information regarding Tenants’ rights, responsibilities, and obligations.
  • Representation of the tenant if they are unable to represent themselves.

In addition, Tenant Advocates attend Armadale Magistrates Court weekly to assist tenants with advice about their matter and the court process prior to the tenants entering court.

Did you know?

Advice to landlords is not offered

Advice is free of charge with no ongoing costs.

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Useful links:

Department of Housing Fact sheets

https://www.housing.wa.gov.au/ currenttenants/tenanttoolbox/ Checklists/Pages/default.aspx

Your rights as a Tenant Information

http://www.tenancywa.org.au/ fact-sheets

Renting a home in Western Australia – a tenant’s Guide

https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/ sites/default/files/atoms/ files/tenantsguide.pdf

Helpful Tenancy Videos

https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/ consumer-protection/videos-renting

Common problems for tenants

https://www.communitylegalwa.org.au/ tenancy-issues

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